Can Podcasting Help Your Small Business Grow?

Times are changing, and a lot of things have changed considering the business perspective.

Companies are testing and implementing various technological tools in a way to grow the business. With the changing user demands and requirements, it has become more than mandatory to have a digital presence in order to match with the highly competitive brands.

Benefits of Podcasting for Business and Planning

The podcast is a series of audio files which are uploaded on the Internet, that can be played like any other audio file. You can literally have a radio show going on in your phones.

Benefits of Podcasting

So, how can this medium of marketing help your business grow? Can it work for the small business?

1. Makes You Unique Among the Other Competitors

Although podcasting is known to many people, not all business people are actually trying it. So, this could work as an added advantage as you can stand apart from other companies.

2. Grow More Followers

There are huge platforms like SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher etc for setting up the podcast channel. You can then publish the content about your product once a week or twice a week, and grow an audience of yours.

3. Builds a Good Relationship

Using the podcast, you can voice out the features and the key things about the service that makes you the best. Well, while doing so don’t forget to check out the customer demands and what they are actually looking out for. Research well, and just go for it. This will undoubtedly help in building a strong bond with the audience.

4. Keeps the User Engaged

With the Internet full of written content, podcasts will be something different and will keep the visitors more engaged in it. According to one survey of 3 lakh podcast listeners, almost 64% of them has purchased the thing that was promoted.

5. Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Confidence, something very important at one stage of business planning. With speaking on podcasts and doing it for a long time is sure to build up your communication game and make you a more confident person.

Sports Podcasts that You’ll Probably Love to Listen

You might be already aware of how the Podcasts work, and what they are actually. It’s a channel where the owner of the page uploads podcast file, which is an audio file with some content on it. This audio could be related to any genre, and one such category is the Sports podcast.

Sports Podcasts that You’ll Probably Love to Listen

Sports Podcast could be related to any sport be it; football, basketball, cricket, baseball or any other sports form. If you don’t like watching the sport, you could get the live updates of the game through the podcasts easily.

Below are some of my go-to Sports Podcasts that you will love to listen too:

The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Simmons is better known as the father of all the sports podcasts. He has been in this field for a long time and got deep knowledge about it. He is too good at interviewing and has a unique style of getting the guest open up about things that he/she has never done before.

If you are confused on how to choose the right podcast, go for the Simmons. There should be no second thought here.

The Double Pivot

This is one of the very first soccer podcasts which was made available online. It is handled by two Mikes; Mike L. Goodman and Mike Caley. You will get confused with the ‘Mike’ confusion, and even they have agreed to this fact too. It’s a one-hour show where both the Mikes discuss a detailed analysis of the game and a bigger context behind any small game update.

One unique thing about this podcast is that they spare a 5 min to discuss anything except soccer. It could be related to parenting or any religious stuff.

Men in Blazers

Men in Blazers

Next, we have the Men in Blazers which is yet another soccer podcast. It’s run by two weird people as they say named Michael Davies and Roger Bennett. Both of them seem like two old friends who have been watching the game and teasing each other for more than 50 years. It’s a fun channel and most hilarious one you will come across.

The Garbage Time Podcast with Katie Nolan

Last but not the least is The Garbage Time with Katie Nolan. She was into a comic web series at first, and then took up the TV show which was aired on the Fox Sports. She is a free-spirited soul who only knew how to speak up her mind, and she never backed off from what she believed in, something that all the media people miss out.

There you go! Check out for the Sports Podcasts that I have listed out here, and what else to say, Enjoy!