Best Animals and Pets Podcasts of 2018

A podcast is a series of digital media which can be either video or audio files, and that is broadcasting online. You can listen to them or even download them to your mobile or even laptops. They are available in the form of websites, and also on your mobile app store.

There are different Animal and Pet care related podcast options, that you can listen to every day.

If you are tired of searching on Google and the App Store, then quickly read out the Podcast list that we have reviewed below. These are top recommended suggestions by us for this year!

Pet Podcasts of 2018

Best Animals and Pets Podcasts of 2018

What’s the best thing about Podcast?

I guess, it is so far the best way to pitch your ideas and share your knowledge. There are podcasts with the themes of music, sports, politics, satirical comedy, education, entertainment, and what not! This way, experienced people join in their favorable community, and share the ideas with the people around the world.

SoundCloud is a popular website that hosts audio files and is also a big contributor to the medium of Podcasts.

Following are the Top Animal and Pet Podcasts that you must check for 2018: 

Canine Nation

This podcast is updated monthly and is one of the cool sources for someone who is very much interested in studying about dogs in detail. Learn how to handle demanding dogs, on rewarding your pet for their good behavior. Also, understand how to act with the dogs that think that you are dominant. I will say, the channel has a lot of contents to learn!

The Dog Trainer

As the channel name goes, The Dog Trainer guides you with the pet care and also helps you with making a great selection of dog playpens. One of the best quality about the channel is that they focus on all spectrums ranging from the Best Vet for your Dog to Remedies for Dog Bites!


The main content producers of this channel are Nancy and Harold Rhee. PawPrint is dedicated for all the animal rescue people, where the hosts of the channel call up the rescue heroes and take up their individual interview. You can learn the tips and learnings, and use them for your pet!

In Dog We Trust: The American’s Life

“Old is Gold” phrase goes well for this podcast channel, and this was a thing way back even when the podcasts were not much popular. The main storytellers of the channel Ira Glass and David Sedaris posts hour-long series on pets like dog, cat, fish etc. They are outright wacky in conversation and you are sure to have fun listening to them.