Are there any good woodworking podcasts for beginners? | OXMPodcast

A simple podcast is an audio-only file which is released in a series kind of structure. They can be downloaded from the web, and this is quite different from the radio kind of setup. Because here, you are not streaming radio stations, instead they are available online for downloading. You just have to subscribe a particular channel, and all the videos will be saved automatically.

One of the good things about a podcast is that it allows the user share his/her thoughts more openly without keeping any boundary. This also lets the speaker go in-depth with the topic, which is not much possible in a video format recording.

You can either listen to them while working with the wood and at any time which suits you. Following are some of the cool Woodworking Podcasts which you can follow as a beginner-

Darbin Orvar

Darbin Orvar

This is a woodworking podcast handled by Linn, and it was all started in the year 2014 when she used to post videos and other blog posts on the website. She also runs a YouTube Channel, where she keeps on updating different wood related information in a video format. Along with the woodworks, she also shares on making different products out of wood, metal, and even fabrics.

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The Dusty Life

Next on the list is The Dusty Life, which is handled by a trio Brian McCauley, Sean Rubino, and Kyle Toth. This trio has got their individual websites too, so you can check them out to understand each of them in a better way. This team posts all the woodworks in a podcast, and along with this, they have also released t-shirts with the logos.

This team has posted around 107 podcasts, and the last one was updated on 20th February. The last posted podcast was about on Getting a Foot Hold.

Making It

Making It

Making It is a weekly kind of podcast team of 3 members. They update audio podcast on a weekly basis, and they post the content on all Fridays. Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett, and David Picciuto are the people working on this Woodworking podcast. Each of these creators has got their personal website too, and together they collaborate on the website ‘Making It’.

The Woodworking Podcast

The Woodworking Podcast is more like a casual conversation on different wood workings between two guys named Nick Ferry and Bob Kloes. They discuss almost everything and anything related to wood. One day they both were talking about wood tips for some hours, and that’s when the idea of podcasting came into the minds.

Using the podcast platform, the information will be available to a wider audience and even other wood enthusiasts could make use of the tips and try them out at home.

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Wood Talk

Wood Talk

You can check out their website on WoodTalkShow, and this is a team of three members Marc, Matt, and Shannon. Marc has been part of many famous woody websites and also contributed articles for Wood Magazine, Popular Woodworking team,

Shannon is more of a hand tool lover, and always likes going the hard way of getting things done. His day job is a digital marketer, while spends his night hours with the woody job. You can check out this crazy trio, and follow them for updates.

MakerCast (

This platform shows on how to celebrate the different skill sets, and the uniqueness each of the team member connected with the website. All the user requests and other wood related queries are solved here, and this is the website which truly celebrates the skill and the creativity which is present in each one of us. Let’s bring in some creativity in the woods, and make it more fun for all.

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So, these are the various Woodworking podcasts which are our recommendations for a Beginner at work. Many of them have got advanced woodwork styles and DIYs, so you have to check the level first and follow it if you can easily follow the steps as explained on the page. If you liked our writing, then you can check out more similar and other interesting stuff on OXM Podcast

Best Food and Cooking Podcasts of 2018 – Food for Your Ears

Modern technology gave birth to numerous entertainment options for people. The popularity of one such option of podcasts has increased in recent years.

Along with general topics of action, horror, soap-operas, etc. the podcasts featuring daily hacks and tips have grown. The food and cooking industry is benefited from this.

Best Food and Cooking Podcasts

Whether you want to learn a new recipe, relax and listen to some good advices or just wish to not get bored during a road trip, food and cooking podcasts are the new rage. These are cooking shows made for ears. As in it is a “food for your ears”.

The following is a list of 5 best food and cooking podcasts of 2018:

  • Spilled milk:

Host: Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton.

Spilled milkOnce in a week, the two talented comedians pick up a topic and start to discuss about it. The show is not a typical guide about cooking recipes, rather it is a casual dialogue exchange which transcends into a hilarious comedy act.

It the best option for a car trip you take with friends and family. Laughter is a good medicine for life, if it comes with food, people welcome it.

  • Gravy:

Host: Tina Antolini.

GravyThis show has a unique format of telling emotional stories about southern states of America and their culture by discussing about food.

– The exotic cuisine of southern lands is heavily focused upon.

– The podcast itself is mix of various flavors of southern culture. If you want to know more about culture and heritage, this podcast is best food podcasts.

  • Vegetarian zen:

Vegetarian zenThe number one place for vegans. This podcasts features a variety of recipes, facts, myth-buster, nutritional values, etc. all related to a vegan diet plan.

Many people are choosing a healthy lifestyle after listening to this podcast. Vegetarian zen provide detailed information about meat-free diet which attracts many youngsters.

If you are a patient suffering from an eating disorder or your loved one suffers from a disease, this podcast is best for cooking tips.

  • The sporkful:

Host: Dan Pashman.

The sporkfulThe host is a talented man with attractive personality. And the fact that he is able to make people fall in love with his voice is appreciable.

Listen to this podcast if you have a respect for the sentiments related to recipes featured on the show.

An episode featured a tale about a lost sandwich shop of Aleppo city, Syria, which was praised to show the devastating effects of war.

  • Gastro pod:

Host: Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley.

Gastro podIf you are the kind of person who wishes to know about food processing in depth, then this podcast is made for you.

The hosts present a detailed discussion about processing of our favorite food items such as orange juice, meat, mushrooms, sauces, etc.

Gastro pod provides audience with entertainment and knowledge. It results in a better audience reception.