KOXM Episode 16

It’s our best show yet this week as we talk candidly with Gears of War director Cliff “CliffyB” Blezinski, whose hilarious but R-rated interview means we’re tagging the show with the “Explicit language” warning this week. We’re sure you won’t mind, but we just don’t want parents to write in and complain. Consider this fair warning :-) …

Also on the show this week, Minnesota passes a law restricting the sale of videogames to minors and Ryan suggests his own way of dealing with the problem, plus the usual chances to win prizes in the Name That Xbox Sound Effect contest and Dan’s Useless Trivia contest. Check it out now.

KOXM Episode 75

Our old buddy Todd Howard visits to talk up his newest RPG project, Fallout 3. It won rave reviews at E3 (and in a comprehensive four-page sneak peek in our present issue), and also we take the opportunity to ask him concerning distinctions in between Fallout and Oblivion, the low and high of downloadable web content, and why the upcoming Oblivion Game of the Year version does not include every little thing.

KOXM Episode 155

Halo Wars is finally here — and we’ve got Dave Pottinger, lead designer on Halo Wars for Ensemble and now at Robot Entertainment, to go into great, gory details on how the game came to life, not to mention how the now-dissolved development team is moving on. Plus, we play catch-up on contests, dive into some Beatles Rock Band theories, and the listening audience gets their first chance to Stick It To The Dan!

Episode 24: Official Xbox Magazine Video Podcast

For those among us who love Ninja Gaiden, there has been a gaping hole left since Ryu last slashed his way into our hearts. The wait is over as Team Ninja prepares to release Ninja Gaiden 2 upon the helpless masses. OXM’s Ryan McCaffrey was brave enough to throw a few shuriken-like questions at game creator Tomonobu Itagaki…who then caught them mid-air and answered them. Unfortunately the wise and all-knowing ESRB has made it clear that the game play footage we were provided by Team Ninja could drop a child at 250 yards so you’ll have to head on over to www.oxmpodcast.com to where we can properly age gate the video.

Please enter your correct birthday, not 01/01/1903

KOXM Episode 123

FIGHT! Mortal Kombat ko-kreator Ed Boon joins us this week to chat up MK vs. DC Universe. Are fans burning voodoo dolls of him in effigy? Will there be a playable demo before release? Where can you play it this month? And where did the name “Mortal Kombat” come from? All of these questions — and more — are answered on this week’s show!

KOXM Episode 39

Halo! Yes, it’s Halo Week here at KOXM as we interview Bungie’s Frank O’Connor about all the Halo 5th Anniversary shenanigans, including the upcoming Halo 3 multiplayer beta that you can download from Marketplace, the new Halo 2 maps, and the impending 60-second Halo 3 TV ad.

Then we chat with Eric Nylund, author of the new Halo novel, Ghosts of Onyx.

Finally, we have ANOTHER Westinghouse HDTV you can win. It’s must-listen radio!

Episode 15: Official Xbox Magazine Video Podcast

This week, we’re taking an in depth look at Crackdown, exclusively on the Xbox 360. This open-world, crime fighting game looks and plays like no other game out there: Imagine a graphic novel meets Grand Theft Auto… but with super-powers!) So, we’ve got 2 interviews with the developers and a giveaway contest to boot. Watch until the end to find out how to enter to win your copy!

KOXM Episode 143

Fight! Our streak of A-list interviews continues this week as veteran KOXM guest and Mortal Kombat Kreative Director Ed Boon stops by to reflect on Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, his riskiest game yet. Find out which characters didn’t make the cut, what might be next for the series, and more. Plus: Capcom offers you another chance to win a copy of Age of Booty for Xbox Live Arcade.

KOXM Episode 61

Old friend Frank O’Connor from Bungie joins us on the show this week to answer a number of questions about the imminent Halo 3 beta. Find out what surprises are in store for you on May 16, why the beta is only lasting three weeks, and how Bungie deals with rude players within their own ranks (hint: it involves vandalizing each other’s cars…).

KOXM Episode 150

Say it with us: Sesquicentennial! It’s our 150th show, so Todd Howard joins us to talk about Operation: Anchorage for Fallout 3 — and what the future DLC packs will entail. Along the way he drops a small bombshell that will be of interest to every Achievement whore out there — you will want to hear this! Plus, the mystery of Galaxy News Radio’s frequency is finally solved in Dan’s Useless Trivia.